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Name:  Tina
Date:  21 Nov 2007

Comments: Grant, I can't believe its been a year. Corey and I and all of your friends still talk about you everyday. Corey still misses you so much and is trying to be as "sick" on guitar as you. He says he's never heard anyone play like you did. We know you are watching down on everyone and you, your parents and your brother Gerald continue to be in our thoughts and prayers each night. We love and miss you. Tina (Corey's mom)

Name:  Lexi
Date:  17 Nov 2007

Comments: I miss you Grant. I cant believe its been a year already.. Keep watching over us like you have been.. I love you Grant.

Name:  Brittney
Email: (Email withheld by request)
Date:  14 Nov 2007

Comments: Hey Grant!  I miss you a ton!  My birthday was Monday and I remember last year on my birthday you were probably like the most excited person, you said happy birthday to me everytime you saw me.  I missed that.  I just wanted to say that I miss you so much.  love ya and hope you are doing well.  ~brittney~

Name:  (Name withheld by request)
Email: (Email withheld by request)
Date:  21 Oct 2007

Comments: I remember grant..he was in my band class in 8th grade..he was a good trumpet player..we didnt talk much back then and once in a while i'd see him in the hallway in highschool we still didnt talk much..but when i heard that he died i felt it because i actually shared a class with him and i didnt think anybody in any of my classes could die at a young age..but i guess GOD was ready to bring him home so i just wanted tell him to R.I.P. and for his family to try not to hurt to much because he's not dead he's just resting safely with JESUS...

Name:  carley
Date:  20 Oct 2007

Comments: well we didnt really know him either but he does look like a really kewl person and a nice and fun one 2 he looks like an A+ student and a great guy and i can tell the one girl lauren luved him alot and i hope she and his family is doing good .i know its been a long time since he died but it probly seems like yesterday 2 yall well i hope yall r doing good and sticking it out and yall have a really great son bye the look of it i wish i could of  known him well i g2g but u can e-mail me any at my e-mail. well i hope yall r doing good it must be hard 4 yall well g2g

Name:  michellee
Email: (witheld by request)
Date:  19 Oct 2007

Comments: Grant. i miss you so much right now i still cant believe that your gone. yesterday i had such a horrible day and it was your 11th month. this year has gone by so fast so many more people have died. i lost about 8 more of my friends and it was so sad. i went to see dino and oh gosh it was horrible. he shot himself and they had his head all tilted he looked so horrible. i started to cry then i thought about you and i remember how he looked a lot like you. it didnt even look like him or like you it was so scary. i cried so much grant i miss you like crazy i hate the fact that your gone. i dont understand why you had to leave it sucks so much here without you. on your birthday that was so sad you werent here and you were gonna be 17 and you didnt get to party with us. your site still up and each time i pass it i say i love you and i miss you grant michael gallagherrrr. the other night i was talking to caleb and about you b/c i wrote a note about you and he read it and then he knew who francis was like meee. and we started to talk about yall and it made me reallly sad and i got so upset. i miss you so much and i hope your family is doing well and holding up fine. i know your looking down on them and all of us. i lost a best friend and gained an angel. i love and miss you grant michael gallagher. rip septhember 22, 1990-november 18. 2006

Name:  Fergie Mc Elligott
Date:  16 Oct 2007

Comments: I have just found out the sad news I did not know this talented young lad I heard one of his songs lovly voice what a lost I know the feeling. With the band site and  Grant's site I'm sure we can all keep his memory alive

Name:  Tyler Smith
Date:  13 Oct 2007

Comments: Grant, I love and miss you so much. There's not a day that goes by that i don't think about you. I stopped at the crash site today. I wrote on your cross, again. for the third time. The rain keeps washing it off. God i miss you, you were one of my only true friends. Watch over us, because i don't know what i'd do if i lost another great friend. I hope you, Francis, Megan, Tyler, and Taylor are having fun up there, because we miss y'all like hell.

Name:  Logan Galloway
Email: (witheld by request)
Date:  27 Sep 2007

Comments: Hey buddy...when I read all these messages I see that not a whole bunch of people knew you well or hung out with you for a long time but they all valued your friendship.  These are my memories...

The first day we met:  I got dropped off at Union Methodist pre-school at 4 years old.  I didn't know anyone but I had always heard that you should bring an apple to the teacher on the first day of school.  So my father gave me a green apple to give to my teacher.  Half way up the hill, I noticed some goofy looking kid with hair like a bowl hanging down below his eyebrows.  The first thing this kid said to me was "hey are you going to eat that".  I said nope and gave him my apple.  Sure enough all the teacher had on her desk was an apple core.  That was the first day I met Grant Gallagher.  That afternoon my mom recalls me running in the door and talking about this hilarious kid I met at school.  She call's Mrs. Kim and schedules lunch with her sometime that week.  The two mothers found out that we lived in the neighborhood right next to each other.  That following day was a Friday and Grant was over at my house hanging out like he had known me his whole life.

From that spark on Grant and I hung out almost every day, every weekend, every week for the rest of pre-school and kindergarten.  In first grade, we werenít in the same class at Irmo elementary but we ate lunch together and played outside in the woods between Sheffield and Hillcreek almost every afternoon.  We played tag and swam in pools and caught fireflies.  We were the definition of best friends.

Throughout elementary school Grant and I hung out at least 6 times more than any of my other friends.  I have memories of the okra strut, the state fair, my first Carolina game ect were all made with this same goofy funny Grant Gallagher.

His house became my house.  At least every weekend was spent at each other's house.  Soon our parents started making a schedule and trading off nights where we would spend the night at each other's house.  I still remember Grant's room in his house was painted blue.  And we would stay up all night just to stay up all night and be dead tired the next day.

Freshman year was tough for me.  My grades fluxuated from good to bad too good to bad to finally ending up bad at the end of the year.  During my freshman year Grant got his restricted so we were pumped for summertime when he could drive around.  So on the first part of summer we had so much fun driving around hanging out mutual friends and crashing at each otherís house talking about everything.  That summer Grant and I talked about things I havenít talked about with any other friend.  We talked about the kind of girl we would want to marry, and how we were going to be each otherís best man.  And how the bachelor party was going to be.  I distinctly remember one night during the middle of summer when we were on top of the roof of my 5 story condo at the beach.  There was a warm breeze coming off the shore and it felt good.  We sat there eating salsa chips and talked about death.  Not dying young, but dying old and wrinkly sitting together at a cafe in Spain or Italy.  We talked about each otherís funeral as we sat there listening to Wish You Were Here flow from the speakers we had taken up there.  It was deep.  We knew that friendship like this you donít find around every corner.  We clicked...we connected like no other person I have ever met.

I remember I had three days before I was going to leave.  And every night was spent with Grant.  We did stupid sit on top of the suburban in block buster's parking lot drinking sweet tea and eating burgers from McDonalds, or going to sit at the lake, or going to watch a movie.  We just spent time together.  We didnít talk too much, but when we did talk it was about the good days.  The really good years.  We both promised on the day I left that we would keep in touch, and that the summer was going to be awesome...when we hugged each other and said goodbye...I didnít think it was going to be for the last time.

In the mountains of North Carolina it got to be negative 11 degrees.  In my cold tent I prayed to God.  I prayed to please get me home, please let me leave.  God answered my prayers that night...and in the morning I received a message from my "leader" that I was to be evacuated from the mountains and that I was going home.  I rode the bus all the way down the mountain to the taco bell outside of Asheville.  That was when I saw my parents...but they weren't smiling...half way to my mama's arms I knew that something was wrong.  I stopped dead and looked at my father.  He told me something I will never forget..."Son, two boys got into a car crash last was Grant and one was Francis..."

I didnít cry sir...I cried when it hit me an hour and half later on the way to Mrs. Gallagher's house...I couldnít breathe, a darkness flooded me, and my mind wouldnít function.  He was gone.  He promised...when I got home the city was in shock.  Why Grant?  Mrs. Gallagher told me that this question would never be answered.  I lost my faith that night...God had answered my prayer's...but not in the right way.

The week was filled with cold tears, lots of hugs, and so much pain. When I carried that casket down the aisle and into that long black carriage.  I touched him for the last time.  That bond stayed with me though.  Grant has stayed with me from that moment in pre-school on.  It will not be broken and damnit...a spot for Grant Michael Gallagher will be reserved next to me in my the position of best man.  That afternoon before I went back into the wilderness waiting for boarding school, my father gave me that pat on the back...and told me everything was going to be alright...but it wasnít and it is never going to be the same.  Everything reminds me of him.  Waffle house, the bowling alley, Frankieís, any type of music...and the song Wish You Were Here...
Signed September 27th 2007
Logan Galloway

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Name:  Erica
Date:  02 Sep 2007


Name:  Sarah
Date:  25 Aug 2007


i miss you grant. need you so bad. school is so weird without you. i love you bestfriend.

Name:  Lauren
Date:  17 Aug 2007

Comments: I LOVE YOU GRANTTT. i miss you so much babyy

Date:  16 Jul 2007


Name:  Lauren
Date:  11 Jul 2007

Comments: Grant. i hope your doing well. i miss you kiddo. i still think about you everyday. its been really hard with taylor dieing too.. but i know that yall will have fun up in heaven ( :

i miss you so much though. i really cant wait till the day i get to see you! i hate looking at all the pictures and knowing that I cant talk to you anymore. its like i can say things but im not ever gonna hear anything back. sometimes i just wish i could see you. i was on the plane the other day going up to miami and i just sat there looking at the clouds thinking of you. hoping that I could see you : /

i felt like you were right there beside me. i just wish i could of looked out and seen your face again. and its hard knowing that i wont. at least for now. but i cant wait till the day that i actually can. i love you so much grant.

next year is gonna be hard. im gonna miss seeing you at school. ill never forget how in the mornings last year how you would come to my class to see me since you were right there.

but i really hope things are going well for you and i just wanted to tell you that i love you and you mean the world to me baby.

i love you grant <3

RiP well never forget you.

Name: ashlye
Date: 23 May 2007

Comments: well i didn't really know him but from what i am hearing he sounds like a really nice and cool person and he will always be with me and i hope that his family if you are reading this um i hope you guys can stick it out through the end cause you know that he is in a safe and better place

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